ISML 2016 Seitokai

The ISML Seitokai is the advocate of ISML: It makes important announcements to the public, both community-related or tournament-related.
The Seitokai is here to serve the community.
The Seitokai has two types of legislations:
A CD (Council Directive) is a piece of proposed legislation which is passed, while a CB (Council Bill) is one that is rejected.
There is also JO (Judicial Order) which is a direct order from the magistrate.
In 2016, the President and Vice-Presidents are to serve for the entire season. Other members serve for one of the three terms available.

Read our latest Directive/Bill here!

(CD 1534: A Cat is fine too)

You can also access our archive of Council Directive/Bills here.
Alternatively, yon can visit our CD/CB information thread to get detailed information as well.

Seitokai Members (First Term)

Oreki Hōtarō

Lelouch Lamperouge

Hikigaya Hachiman


This section archives all the Seitokai CDs for your easy access.

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