Name: Aki Tomoya 「安芸 倫也」
Title Series:Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
Voiced by:Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

A childhood friend who can create fabulous character designs. A senior who’s literature has sold millions of copies. A cousin who can play anime music. All Aki Tomoya needs is his vision of a main heroine and his dream as a producer is set... if his connections are willing to go through with his idea.

Tomoya may not have the artistic ability of his friends, but what he lacks in creativity, he makes up with his vision. Tomoya wants to make sure that everything is perfect for his future debut of his product. He knows that the only way he can succeed is if he understands the taste of the rising community and forge a masterpiece that is within his vision and that he knows the majority of the people will enjoy. If things go well, he may be able to take his first step towards the right direction.

A dream can only go so far as the person’s vision, and Tomoya is not without flaws. There are moments when he doubts himself can his own ingenuity. Can he truly be certain that the majority of his future viewers and buyers will be enamored by the work he and his team put in? Would people even touch his material as he is starting out as an independent group? Will he be sure that his team will enjoy his views just as much as he would?

Whatever the future may be, Tomoya’s passion will continue to soar until his dream comes to light.

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