Name: Ebina Nana 「海老名 菜々」
Title Series:Himouto! Umaru-chan
Voiced by:Akari Kageyama

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

It’s not easy entering the city life when living in the country for so long, and Ebina Nana knows that.

Nana has worked hard trying to blend in with modern day society, from removing her accent to dressing up to the latest fashion sense. Yet, for some season, people still manage to spot that she is a bit different from the rest of them. Was it something she did? Was it something she said? Was her posture not right? These questions continue to circulate in her head as she heads deeper into the city.

An encounter with the average working man who saw past her appearance and accepted her as who she was made her realize that she can fit in with this new lifestyle. Although she is shy, Nana tries to be as open as she can about her thoughts and opinions. She may slip her accent out here and there, but her friends and colleagues do not seem to might it as much as she thought. And if there is something delectable sitting in front of her, she can’t help but to scoop some in her mouth and savor the flavor.

Nana is still a bit overwhelmed by the city, but with some new and good friends by her side, she is sure to settle down and have a great time.

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