Name: Itsuka Shidō 「五河 士道」
Title Series:Date A Live
Voiced by:Shimazaki Nobunaga

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé
2015: Bilibili Moe - Male Tournament - Round of 128

When we were young, we would often dream of becoming superheroes with special costumes and unique abilities necessary to save the Earth. But what happens when an ordinary schoolboy suddenly turns into a hero?

Itsuka Shidō wanted a life no different from any high school student: taking care of his cute sister, going to school, chatting with friends… However, living in a city where unexplainable “spacequakes” often occur, Shidō also knew well that this moment’s peace may well be the overture of the next moment’s chaos.

That is, until he accidentally stumbled upon the truth behind all these peculiar phenomena and realized that not only is his 14-year-old sister working to protect the world from the beings causing the spacequakes, but also that he himself is the key to sealing the immense power of those beings.

In his quest to conquer the extraordinary beings, kindness is Shidō secret weapon. True, they may be powerful enough to destroy an entire continent, but deep down lies their desire for someone’s care. Shidō is there to accept and comfort them when nobody else will. He will take care of them if they have problems living in this world they are unfamiliar with.

It is never easy to be a hero, as the greater the power one holds, the larger the responsibility. Shidō knows very well that every mission could result in his death. However, no matter what the circumstances are, Itsuka Shidō must face them and march on. He is the one who bears the burden of safeguarding all the people on Earth from another day of disaster.

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