Name: Kanbara Akihito 「神原秋人」
Title Series:Kyōkai no Kanata
Voiced by:Kenn

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Kanbara Akihito – a boy with a glasses fetish or someone who is trying to get along?

Akihito prefers a leisurely lifestyle full of peace and tranquility. If given the chance, he would hang out anywhere with as many people as possible. A gathering of strangers and acquaintances provides the opportunity to form lasting relationships. While he may come off as odd, Akihito generally means well and wants to make sure everything is going smoothly and fine for everyone.

The problem with all of this is that the people he converse with daily are his observers. The chatter he makes with the people around him is forced. In the end, everyone is wary of him due to the destructive power that he possesses that he cannot control. If let loose, major destruction would occur, and he would know it was his fault. To make up for it, he tries his best to come off as someone approachable, but most of his efforts are in vain.

If only there was one person who would be able to look past the curse inside him and see him as who he is: a fun, likeable guy.

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