Name: Kida Masaomi 「紀田正臣」
Title Series:Durarara!!
Voiced by:Miyano Mamoru

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Is he a friend? Is he a foe? Is he telling the truth? Is he hiding his flaws?

From the outsider’s perspective, Kida Masaomi comes out as a fun teenager who is looking for a great time. Spending time with friends and creating connections are key components on having a fulfilling day. After all, mingling with the ones you know and love can take away some of the inner stress coming from one’ personal life.

Those who do know him know that he is a man who does not trust anyone but himself. Everyone in his eyes is an enemy, regardless of his everyday actions with his closest of friends. The world in his eyes is tainted and unclean, and he will gather as many supporters as he can to clean up the dark streets of the town. His goal: to create a world where he and his missing girlfriend can settle in peace and not have to worry about others chasing after them.

To obtain this dream, Kida will get his hands so dirty even he knows that he dug too far down to the saved. If all the choices he makes will get him one step closer to his dream, Kida will do all that he can to have his vision come true.

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