Name: Kitashirakawa Tamako 「北白川たまこ」
Title Series:Tamako Market
Voiced by:Suzuki Aya

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

The pride of the shopping district, Kitashirakawa Tamako, is open for business.

Life as the daughter of a rivaling mochi shop is not as bad as one thinks. Tamako really enjoys helping out with her father’s shop whenever she can. Waking up early in the day and creating goods in hopes that her customers leave satisfied, Tamako is never without things to do in the morning. Even when a talking bird decides to stay and watch over her for reasons she does not really understand much about, Tamako is seen smiling as she walks down the district that she loves.

Tamako cares a lot about her friends and is usually the first person to catch something that is off about them. While Tamako is concerned with her friends’ well-being, she sometimes disregards her own health, usually pushing herself too much to make sure that her friends are alright. Even when ill, she wants to help her friends out, and it is up to them to remind her that she has done more than enough by having them in her thoughts.

If anyone is in a poor mood, one only needs to do is head towards the shopping district. Tamako and her companions will greet them with open arms.

Past Notable Matches