Name: Kongō 「金剛」
Title Series:Kantai Collection
Voiced by:Tōyama Nao

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

As indeed, battlefield is not a place for fun and entertainment. In every situation, when each second could be dangerous, any combatant should be focused. But some people still can be positive at any time. This applies to Kongō.

The eldest of four Kongō Class sisters, Kongō was born in England and came to Japan when the Abyssal Fleet have started their attacks. Usually Kongō is an extremely hyperactive, cheerful and cute girl. She especially likes to spend time with her young sisters, and she is very friendly towards the other girls. As any noble British lady, Kongō simply cannot refuse tea with scones.

In battle, Kongō is an important part of team. She represents a huge firepower with an enormous scale of destruction. Maybe, she is not a great strategist, but she is always trying to raise the spirit of the squad. That's why Kongō can be considered as a guarantee of any successful mission!

But the most significant trait of Kongō is that she can be called a good wife! She is a very devoted and loving person. Even during exciting moments Kongō does not show any kind of embarrassment. Besides, she is pretty decent at cooking.

It could be concluded that Kongō is a girl who shows the force of her Burning Love with much effort!

Past Notable Matches