Name: Kūjō Jōtarō 「空条承太郎」
Title Series:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Voiced by:Ono Daisuke

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Jōtarō is not a nice guy. He beats up more people than he has to. Some are still in the hospital. Teachers who get on his bad side never come back to class. He also makes it a policy to not pay for a meal if he doesn't like it.

Quiet, rough and tough.. everyone in town knows of Jōtarō for his bad behavior. Picking fights, smoking and even shouting at girls who fight for his attention.. Jōtarō is not somebody you would want to end up offending. So for as much of a gangster as he is.. perhaps the fact that he is actually a kind man at heart would come as a surprise.

Nobody would truly believe that beneath his cold exterior.. was a gentle giant with a heart of gold. When his mother's life is put on the line, Jōtarō failed to hesitate going on an epic journey around the world in order to hunt down the man who is hurting her. Risking life and limb to save the one he loves, making new friends along the way.. Perhaps it is only through this time of hardship that one can fully appreciate Jōtarō's hidden beauty.

His violence hides his gentleness towards his friends. His cold exterior hides the fact he cares. For beyond the aloof gangster that everyone knows today as Jojo, Jōtarō only wishes to raise his fists in order to protect those around him. To judge the evildoers and protect the weak, to kill the malicious and spare the innocent.. Jōtarō is a crusader of justice, a man who wields the power of star platinum to save the world.

And above all else, is his willingness to press on. "It's impossible", "we can't do it","we should just give up.".. those are phrases and Jōtarō his allies have quite possibly uttered during their harsh adventure.. but together, they pulled through, together they overcame the impossible.. And it is at that point, Jōtarō shines the brightest. His determination to go the lengths and his trust in his friends have brought him so far..

Nothing is impossible. And he shall live by those words as he holds the memories of the people he cherishes in his heart.

Jōtarō is not a nice guy... is what some people might say. But words of outsiders don't matter; the heart does.

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