Name: Kujō Karen 「九条カレン」
Title Series:Kin'iro Mosaic
Voiced by:Tōyama Nao

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

There’s a new British transfer student coming over to Japan. And if one thinks she will act the same way as the first transfer student, one is in for a big surprise.

Meet Kujo Karen, a near counterpart to her best friend who also came to Japan to study abroad. Animated, happy-go-lucky, and wild, no one is safe from the smile brimming from Karen’s face. Karen is very enthusiastic about entering a new school in the foreign country, so much so that she made sure to introduce herself to anyone and everyone she sees. All seem to have been drawn to her presence, and her cheerfulness draws in a crowd she is more than ready to interact with.

Karen may not be as linguistic in the foreign tongue as her best friend, but body language is more than enough to know how Karen is feeling and thinking. Karen knows that she is not without flaws, and she understands that covering them will not to anyone any good. Karen is more than willing to ask questions that she might not have the answers to or if she stumbles on a word that she used incorrectly. Only when she is able to past those stepping stones can she fully enjoy her time spent with her dear friends.

Until then, there is a lot more energy stored inside her to expel. Look out, because Karen is out and ready to have a good time, whether one is involved in her day or not.

Past Notable Matches