Name: Kujō Sakurako 「九条櫻子」
Title Series:Sakurako-san
Voiced by:Itō Shizuka

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Skin as white as snow, hair the colour of the black night sky, a demeanor so cold yet elegant...there’s simply no denying that Kujo Sakurako isn’t just your ordinary woman. Not only is she a professionally-trained osteologist, she’s also a well-known civilian detective that has helped the prefecture police several times in their investigations.

Equipped with deep psychological knowledge, as well as very profound analytical skills, no cases is too tough or simple for this brave woman as she ventures deeper into each case with her assistant by her side to keep her from getting too close to danger, finding key evidence to eventually lead up to the conclusion and culprit of each “impossible” or “already determined” case.

But Sakurakou isn’t just a woman, she’s also a girl at heart and her sweet tooth shows it rather clearly. When armed with a whole pie, Sakurakou is capable of finishing it off with ease as the stacks of plates pile up, asking for seconds even. A trait very unlike Sakurakou but it brings out a charm to her otherwise serious side.

And as the next case will soon arise, will Sakurakou be the first to show and solve the cast in a spectacular fashion, or will she be sitting at home in her regal mansion, slowly nibbling away at her favourite slice of pie? A mystery that might never be solved......

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