Name: Kurosaki Ichigo 「黒崎一護」
Title Series:BLEACH
Voiced by:Morita Masakazu

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

“Kurosaki Ichigo– the one who is going to kick your butt. How’s it going?”

Not the nicest battle intro to start out with, but when Kurosaki Ichigo suddenly gained a surge of power due to unforeseen circumstances, he can’t help but get a little bit cocky. However, when there are enemies that are far stronger than him, can surface in the real world, and could harm his family and friends,Ichigo learns that power isn’t everything. When even willpower is not enough to turn the tide to his favor, he has no choice but to regroup, recover, and retrain, much to his dismay.

Although Ichigo is arrogant and short-sighted, the one thing that keeps him going is his sense of loyalty and justice. When he was separated from his friends,Ichigo wastes little time trying to find him so that he knows they are safe. When someone close to him receives an unjustly trial, it is up to Ichigo to not only halt the trial but also have everyone focus all of his or her attention towards him. When evil lurks in the shadows, Ichigo will not hesitate to put himself in the front line, even if it meant losing his life. For him, losing someone close is more painful than any death imaginable.

Praying to his sword to lend him strength, Ichigo readies his blade. This is one battle he cannot lose.

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