Name: Ōji Mochizō 「大路もち蔵」
Title Series:Tamako Market
Voiced by:Tamaru Atushi

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

In a world where two families clash for the right of marketing ownership, the son and daughter of the opposing lands begin to intertwine further. The setting of this dramatic story is... on top of a mochi shop.

Life is not so bad for Ōji Mochizou. He does not mind waking up early to help out with his father’s shop. Business is business, and if he can take some of the early load off of his father’s shoulders, he would do just that. As an added bonus, the girl on the other side may also be helping out at her shop as well, so if he can just time everything right, they might be able to face each other and greet each other for the day. Just seeing her face is enough medicine for Mochizō to keep on working at his father’s place.

Mochizō gets along well with his peers, always smiling and having a good time with them. Mochizō is also reliable, willing to listen to other people’s thoughts and sharing his two cents on the topic. Above all else, Mochizō is humble. He knows that there are things that he cannot do on his own and has his own set of problems. If the person next to him is willing to hear him out, he would like some advice for the situations he is in.

No matter what time of day it is, Mochizō will be seen with a smile on his face. Who knows? Maybe today might be the day he has the courage to tell the girl on the other side his feelings.

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