Name: Shimakaze 「島風」
Title Series:Kantai Collection
Voiced by:Sakura Ayane

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Swift as the island wind.

When it comes to speed, Shimakaze aims to be the fastest. A super-destroyer, Shimakaze was designed, engineered, and built with a central vision: hit fast and hit hard. Outfitted with the newest technology of the time, incredibly powerful torpedoes, and a high-pressure steam engine, Shimakaze was one of the fastest and best destroyers in the world. All these traits carry over into her playful character. She's always in a rush, telling others to hurry up and running far past the competition. Competitive to a fault, Shimakaze wants to prove to every person and ship around that she is the fastest. Since she's so focused on being fast, she often seems scatterbrained and aimless, the type to space out when she's not moving (and the type to space out when she's moving as well).

Despite being usually cheerful and upbeat, Shimakaze often gets bored from other people not being able to keep up with her. She often converses with her 12.7cm gun mount Rensouhou-chan when she has nothing to do. Though she's quite impatient and unabashedly calls everything slow, Shimakaze means no ill intent. After all, no matter what problems or obstacles she faces, there's only one thing that Shimakaze knows how to do.

Gotta go fast.

Past Notable Matches