Name: Tōjō Nozomi 「東條希」
Title Series:Love Live!
Voiced by:Kusuda Aina

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

The most mischievous one of the group may be the most passionate one of them all.

When word was out that their school was about to close down and a certain group of people were trying to stop it by creating an idol group, Toujou Nozomi wasted little time gambling on this possibility. Spending copious amounts of time observing potential idol members and speaking philosophically, Nozomi would covertly assemble an idol group worthy enough to save their school from foreclosure.

While seen teasing a majority of the idol cast most of the time, Nozomi loves her new group of friends the most. Despite claiming that it was divine convention that brought them all together, Nozomi truly wanted all of the girls in the group to accept their faults, turn them into strengths, and transfer it into the power of song. In order to change, one must have the initiative to take that step forward, and Nozomi would string all the words she can to provide the push and observe the outcome of her choices.

Working behind the shadows for so long, Nozomi tends to forget that she can also walk into the light of change if she so desires. With her group completely assembled, it was now her time to step into the spotlight and take her place on stage.

Past Notable Matches