Name: Yūdachi 「夕立」
Title Series:Kantai Collection
Voiced by:Tanibe Yumi

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Back in the times when men could still afford to wage war against each other, a lone ship and her crew used the cover of the night to dive straight amongst a fleet of enemy vessels. Mindless of the danger and the difference in firepower and numbers, the ship lashed out at all opponents with mad ferocity, sowing chaos and panic into enemy ranks. The ship would onwards be remembered as the Mad Dog of the sea.

It is unclear how much, if anything, Yūdachi remembers from her life as the famed naval vessel. Her current appearance is that of a young girl, and her usual demeanor has very little to do with military discipline. Surrounded by other young women with the same mysterious background, Yūdachi could happily chat away hour after hour. She is enthusiastic whenever there is time to fool around, but cannot get her head around that “studying” thing they are all expected to do, which often enough lands her into trouble.

However, Yūdachi’s carefree ways are not all there is to her personality. She is the first of her group to reach full combat potential, and her friends discover her practicing alone in the wee hours of the morning. Yūdachi can be surprisingly hard-working when given the right motivation. Determined to protect her friends and comrades on the battlefield, Yūdachi spares no effort in bettering herself... though she does find it embarrassing to talk about such things openly.

Yūdachi’s new life and circumstances are vastly different from those of the Yūdachi that sailed the seas in the distant past. But the bravery in her heart remains unchanged, and Yūdachi is determined to bring her legend back to life.

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